2013: What’s Next?


NEXT MEETING:  August 17-18, 2013

Clearfork Community Institute in Clairfield, TN
170 Y Hollow Road, Clairfield, Tennessee  37715
Phone at Clearfork:   (423) 784-0095

Clearfork’s FACEBOOK page:


Please RSVP to Robert Donnan <robert.donnan@gmail.com>



Previous Meetings in 2012-13

April 26-27, 2013Big Creek People in Action in McDowell County, WV. For more info, contact: robert.donnan@gmail.com.  For directions, check out Big Creek’s website:

May 11-12, 2012:   Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
Washburn, TN  (northeast of Knoxville)
Mission planning and workshop on nonviolent decision making
Narrow Ridge website:  http://www.narrowridge.org/

March 1-2, 2012:  Tusculum College,  Greeneville, TN
Collaborative strategic planning with George Clem Multicultural Association


Vision in Action at Clearfork
Just Connections joined with Clearfork Community Institute
, located in Eagan, TN, near the TN/KY state line.  We learned from Clearfork’s model for engaging local residents, college students and faculty in land use issues and grassroots community development in a coal mining region of East TN.  The Vision in Action meetings at Clearfork were hosted by Marie Cirillo and members of the Clearfork Community and Woodland Community Land Trust.  Marie has served as a community organizer in Appalachia since 1967, and she is one of the founding members of Just Connections.

Marie Cirillo:  Appalachian advocate celebrates 75 years.

Communty Land Trusts:  Saving the Land to Which We Belong


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